Our Process

Our manufacturing process is divided into Pre-assembly, Assembly, Fitting, Finishing, Packing and Dispatch. Work Packs move through the process as if on a production line and yet every item is a piece of carefully crafted bespoke furniture built to the most exacting standards. Artisans stand along side the most modern automated machinery, combining irreplaceable experience with the best of technology.

Accuracy is assured by computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines but quality is assured by the people behind the craft – and the reputation. The finished furniture is then carefully wrapped and protected before being crated, ready for shipment to the yard or work site where our own teams of specialist installers complete the masterpiece.

Complete remote build enables time-saving parallel construction

Leveraging time is a key benefit of Oceania Interiors construction techniques. It’s a system that works for building a new super-yacht, refitting an existing one or any other marine project. This is because the actual interior is completely constructed as a remote build.

For a new marine interior, construction can progress parallel with the building of the actual craft. For re-fit, the interior can be built whilst the craft is still working and the only time out required is for the actual installation. Almost all interior projects can benefit from the advantages of the Oceania Interiors process.

A luxury finish deliberately designed as detachable

Oceania Interiors innovation resolves all repair and maintenance issues. Should even a single panel suffer damage or need modifying, it is easily removed, the panel worked on outside the vessel or off site and reinstalled without fuss. It is even possible to temporarily detach the entire finish to allow work that may carry a risk of accidental damage to be undertaken.

The ease with which this is achieved is attributable to the unique system of tabbing and clipping. It is a system that also maintains a tight and permanent alignment of all components. There is no untreated movement. No annoying squeaks will develop over time.

Real efficiencies through planning in four dimensions

Oceania Interiors knows that systems integration must be structured into the process early. That’s why every piece is developed in three dimensions before a single cut is made. This enables the Oceania Interiors team to work in partnership with the builders and the designers to resolve the raft of challenges that each custom build inevitably has associated with it.

Sound Management

For every marine project Oceania Interiors interior is a “floating structure” preventing the transfer of any structure-borne noise to the interior. Where class permits sole plating, bulkheads and linings are formed from acoustical plywood. This is further reinforced with extra thermal-acoustic insulation in bulkheads and ceilings. This ensures minimal cross-bulkhead sound penetration. Through sealing all panels with non-setting acoustic compounds and rebating sole-plates to form a complete barrier at the join, sound security is maximised. Extra care is taken around cut-outs where additional sound barrier materials are installed.

Responsibility provides a total solution

We take every care to deliver each interior as right first time, every time. As assurance we also send a team of experienced fitters to install your new interior piece by piece. When they are finished your project is complete with a luxury interior finish second to none.