Oceania Interiors Commences New Superyacht Interior Project


Oceania Interiors has been commissioned to design, manufacture and install the interior for a new 495 GRT Superyacht – ‘The Beast’.  The yacht has been ordered by experienced New Zealand Superyacht owners, Sir Michael and Lady Christine Hill.  The vessel will be built in New Zealand by Profab Engineering in Palmerston North, and is the second Superyacht project collaboration between Oceania Marine Group and Profab.  The radical but functional exterior will be complimented by a modern, cutting edge, contemporary interior, which will be manufactured by Oceania Interiors at its specialised facility in Port Whangarei and send a team to the vessel for installation.

Oceania Interiors Commences Interior For 39M Superyacht New Build


Currently the interior structures (rough bulkheads, outboard linings, overhead grids etc) are being developed in 3D and will then be CNC cut to ensure a perfect fit.  At every phase, systems are designed into the joinery to avoid rework on site.

Once the fully modelled structural envelope is in place, every single piece of the interior is produced by 3D parametric modelling.  The assemblies are placed into the envelope to check for a precise fit at every interface – all before any material is cut.  The primary advantage of using parametric modelling is that it allows us to store a vast library of parts that can quickly be modified to match a new requirement in size or style, greatly speeding up the process of creating construction drawings and allowing greater flexibility over all.

Sir Michael and Lady Christine have been actively involved in the process by contributing their professional expertise in the area of design and styling, so as to produce a modern and clean concept that is reflected in all areas of the vessel.  Final review is underway and initial materials orders are being processed.  The project is expected to be completed in less than two years.

Oceania Interiors Commences Interior For 39M Superyacht New Build